1) The Trash Warrior Program

We encourage everyone to do their part in helping make sure you leave the woods better than you found it! The TRASH WARRIOR program is a Comm-U-nity grown program that focuses on keeping Micro-Trash off the ground and preventing it from washing into our beautiful Quarry waters, then out to our overflow pond and beyond. This is a great way to get involved, without being obligated to working a full schedule for the weekend! You can just walk up whenever you'd like something to do and work at your own pace. Then turn in your trash when you're ready and get a prize for it! All prizes are donated by our AMAZING Community of Vendors and Artists in the park. Instead of working for a ticket, you work for prizes!

Casual Program

The TRASH WARRIOR Program is a casual volunteer program where you work for prizes instead of working for your ticket. EVERYONE can be a TRASH WARRIOR!! Stop by the booth while you're at a festival and find out how you can help! Come play trashy games with us!!

What Kinds of Games Are There?


~Glow Stick Hunt- bring back 500 dead glow sticks you found

~Micro-Trash bucket- use our little bucket and grabbers to fill the bucket with micro-trash

~(Cigarette) Butt hunt- bring us a gallon of butts you've picked up, collected at camp, or collected at home. We recycle them!

~Scavenger Hunt- is a list of all the top offenders in the park like glow sticks, cigarettes, bottle caps, etc.

~Water Walk- walk along the edge of the quarry and pick up all the trash people leave behind at all the little hang out spots so it doesn't wash into the water.

~Stage Clean up- Clean up in front of the stage and around the pavilion in between sets. Dance around while picking up trash and get others involved! There's nothing like dancing on a whole bunch of trash everyone left behind instead of squishing your toes into the awesome (and clean) sand on the dance floor!

Prizes categories include things like: Art, Trash Warrior Merch, Festy Gear, Clothes, Jewelry, Hat Pins, Stickers Buttons, Patches, Shiny Rocks, $5 Meal Voucher to our participating Food Vendors, Hand Made Goodies, and MORE!!

Volunteer Hours:

If you want to get more involved and work for some of our BIGGER prizes, you can work hours towards some even cooler stuff! Hop in with our Recycling Crew and help pass out bags on Main Road as cars come in, go around and save cans from the trash by picking them out and collecting them, or help them sort all the Recyclables back at our Sorting Station. These prizes range anywhere between $20-$100! It's a great way to take home a souvenir and know that you helped make an impact, without being obligated to a full schedule for the weekend.

Our Goal

Our Trash Crew and Recycling Crew does a great job collecting all the trash cans, sorting out lots of Recycling, and breaking down the camping gear that is left over from a weekend, but at the end of a festival, there's Micro-Trash everywhere! And it would take an army of people to totally clean sweep the park after every festival, week after week, all summer long. That would in turn make ticket prices go up, and nobody wants that! The best solution is to NOT throw it on the ground to begin with, or pick it up when you see it on the ground! Our goal is to teach people how to respect the woods and clean up after themselves while having a great time at the festival. If someone came to your back yard and left it trashed, how would you feel? Respecting the woods and taking care of our Heaven on Earth is EVERYONE'S responsibility and makes it a cleaner, safer environment for all of us to enjoy! Party like you give a damn! Our goal is to reduce the impact our Festivals have on the local landfills, and it takes EVERYONE doing their part to help!

2) Renegade Recycling

Volunteers will give you a couple recycling bags as you drive in. Please use one for your cans and one for your CLEAN plastics. The Recycling Crew will go through the woods Saturday and Sunday mornings to collect your bags and take them back to our sorting area where it all gets sorted through BY HAND! So do not put trash in them please, because it can get kinda funky! Keeping your bags clean and sorted helps the Volunteers soooo much! If you wouldn't want to dig through it, don't make them either! We also accept green propane canisters and glass bottles!

Work Off Your Ticket!

Volunteer with our Renegade Recycling Program to work for your ticket! You must sign up in advance to Volunteer! Walk-ins are NOT accepted. You'll pay a deposit ticket, camp in a volunteer camping area, get a few meal tickets and some other perks, and get your schedule for the weekend. Volunteering at smaller shows definitely helps you to learn the system to be ready for bigger shows, cuz they can get crazy! Make sure you show up ON TIME for your shifts and complete the work on your schedule, and you'll get the deposit back on Sunday after all the work is done! REPEAT volunteers are preferred because you'll get better every time you come in and learn more. It can be like Recycling boot camp at the big shows, so come prepared to work! Working a festival gives you a different perspective on the weekend, because YOU get to help create the experience everyone is having!

More Info

Check out the links below for more information on what it takes to be a volunteer, the types of work and shifts so you know what to expect, and fill out the application if you think it's something you're interested in! Come join our little Trashy Family!! If you want to help, but don't want to be obligated to a full schedule for the weekend, stop by the TRASH WARRIOR booth and work for prizes instead!

Find us on Facebook at TRASH WARRIORS & Renegade Recycling @ NLQP

Email any questions to NLQPRenegadeRecycling [at] gmail [dot] com