Keeping the Park Clean TOGETHER!

As a Venue and Comm-U-nity, we are committed to lowering the impact our festivals has on the woods and the local landfills. It takes everyone doing their part to help keep it clean, and teach other festival goers how to be more mindful of their mess as we all gather here to party and have a good time! Festival Culture has impacted each and every one of us in more ways than we can count. Keeping the Scene Clean is part of our nature, but sometimes gets lost in the blur of a being in a beautiful place and having an amazing time. So we have to work together as a family to make sure we're not leaving some gigantic mess behind everywhere we go! That doesn't just go for when you come visit us at NLQP, but at all festivals and concerts you attend! It's time to leave those trashy days behind and start to do better! .

Bring Trash Bags

Clean up often starts when you get here, so be sure to bring trash bags & (clear) recycling bags with you!

Trash happens at festivals, no matter the crowd! The disposable nature of camping leads to lots and lots of single use items, packaging, broken camping gear, and abandoned personal items at the end of a festival. Not to mention the crazy amount of micro-trash left behind like glow sticks, cigarette butts, t-light candles, etc... One festival alone generates a huge amount of waste! Unlike most other venues, we have multiple shows after shows, which leads to our Comm-U-nity generating MASSIVE amounts of waste all summer long!

Trash Happens at Festivals! Here's What to Do with It!

We recycle aluminum cans, CLEAN plastic containers, green propane tanks, clean glass bottles. We are always working on trying to accept more types of items, stay tuned! Things that don't recycle including: dirty or food-covered plastics, plastic wrappers and packaging, plastic silverware/straws, styrofoam, litter, or any other non-recyclables..

Just Imagine a Big Show

If 2,000 cars come in for the festival and each car brings in a 12-pack of water, 12-pack of soda, and a 12-pack of beer. That's 72,000 pieces of Recycling alone! Not including what the vendors sell. And you know each car brought in more than that! If 500 people bring in 100 packs of glow sticks to throw around and decorate their camp with, which is fun and all, but one of the worst single use items brought to festivals. That's 50,000 glow sticks to pick up after a weekend!! If half of the 5,000 people at a festival are smokers that throw their butts on the ground instead of in the trash, each smoking a pack a day, 50,000 cigarette butts on the ground! That's just a few of the items brought in for a weekend. So if you don't think your efforts make a difference at the end of a weekend, think again! Every little bit helps, so THANK YOU for wanting to help keep the park cleaner and be more mindful of your impact! It REALLY adds up at the end of a whole festival season!

What Is Micro-Trash?

If it doesn't grow there- It doesn't go there! Pick it up! Micro-Trash is all the little stuff that gets thrown on the ground that mostly gets overlooked. Cigarette butts, glow sticks, plastic wrappers, bottle caps, etc. ONCE YOU SEE IT, YOU CAN'T UN-SEE IT! Start looking down and you'll start to notice it everywhere! Especially outside of the park and along the roads and parking lots at home. It's bad for the environment because all of these materials leach toxins into the soil and waterways, impacting the plants that grow nearby and the animals that end up eating it. All it takes is 1 out of 10 people walking around throwing their trash on the ground all weekend to leave a mess behind. Now multiply that by how many people are at a festival every weekend and it really adds up! So don't be that guy.

In fact, learn how you can volunteer, win prizes, and even work off your festival admission!